Table of Contents

Below is the book’s table of contents to provide an idea of the structure and contents. The book has been laid out to be as accessible as possible, depending on the goals of the reader.

Chapter One – Introduction

  • The CIO is the Last to Know

Chapter Two – The New Kingmakers

  • Buy the Company to Hire the People
  • What Are Developers Worth? A DOJ Suit
  • The People vs The Code They Produce

Chapter Three – How Did We Get Here?

  • The Disruptors
  • The Symbiosis of Open Source & Developers
  • Hardware for Pennies an Hour?
  • Harnessing the Power of the Internet
  • The New Money Lenders

Chapter Four – The Evidence

  • What Would a Developer’s World Look Like?
  • Open Source & Ubiquity
  • Choice & Fragmentation
  • Standards: Who Decides?
  • Courting the Developer Population
    • Apple
    • AWS
    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • Netflix

Chapter Five – What To Do? 10 Recommendations

  • Get To Them Early
  • Algorithmic Recruitment
  • Open Source & Acqui-hires
  • Invest in Developer Relations
  • Embrace Open Source
  • Go Global With Your Hiring
  • Lower the Barriers to Entry
  • Get Into The Game With APIs
  • Optimize for Developer Joy
  • Talk With Developers, Not At Them

Chapter Six – Final Thoughts

  • Developers and Negotiating With Populations
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